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Louai Barakat

A man photographs the remains of his home in Aleppo, Syria, destroyed by bombardment in 2016.

Hundreds of civilians were killed in the 2016 bombing of Aleppo, with human rights organizations accusing the Syrian-Russian coalition of committing war crimes during this campaign. Coalition forces deliberately targeted hospitals and numerous residential areas were destroyed by indiscriminate shelling.

The number of people killed since the Syrian Civil War began in 2011 is unknown, but some organizations estimate over 100,000 civilians have died. According to the United Nations and other observers, both government and rebel forces have committed severe human rights violations during this conflict.

Louai Barakat is a photojournalist who aims to reveal the devastating impacts of the war in Syria through his work. He was arrested in 2012 by Syrian security forces for documenting their crimes against the Syrian people and detained again in 2014 by ISIS. He left Aleppo in 2016 and now lives in France.