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Watch Laureates’ Inspiring Stories

Watch Laureates' Inspiring

2022 Allard Prize

“We as journalists understand that we need to join forces and finish all the stories started. Otherwise, if we give up, it would be risky for us because it would send the message that by killing off a journalist, you can kill the story uncovered”.

“Politicians, at the end of the day, should be made visible or exposed when they aren’t doing their job properly, when they are failing citizens, and especially when they have ties to criminal groups, as is often the case in Mexico.”

“Unfortunately, in many of these countries being a journalist is an inherently dangerous job. Collaborating can be a tool in helping reporters overcome censorship and overcome those dangers.”

2020 Allard Prize

"If there’s more impunity, our lives are going to continue to be in danger, so for me, it’s really a question of life and death as it was for my mother.”

"I resigned. I also warned them that if they weren't going to go and inform the authorities, then I was quite prepared to do it myself."

"The commission's work generated hope in the Guatemalan people, showing the potential for transformation and democracy in a country where power had remained unchecked."

2017 Allard Prize

"I fight them against the conservative mentality in Egypt. I work with women, especially in family law, and I am a women human rights defender. And this is not easy in Egypt"

"Corruption is not just a negative notion. Corruption is a crime that kills people directly, and indirectly. There is no fair play system in this country."

"Corruption was so widespread, was so systemic, that you have to send a strong message or you stop that we will not tolerate this kind of behavior. Moro immediately threw 20 top executives from 8 major companies in jail without bail for several months."

2015 Allard Prize

"The most insidious effect of corruption in a society like ours is that it causes key government institutions to be degraded. It is far more dangerous here in Kenya because we face the most ideologically coherent determined enemy Kenya has ever faced in the form of al-Shabaab."

"I haven't done anything wrong, the police have. I'm going to stay and I'm going to testify against them"

"Corruption suffocates our country, but we will use the law to fight for a better Indonesia."