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Diego Russo Juliano

A protestor, tired of feeling down due to the numerous corruption scandals that have marred her government’s reputation, calls for current Brazilian President, Michel Temer to step down. Temer took office following the impeachment of his predecessor, Dilma Rousseff. The Petrobras scandal and others currently investigated under “Operation Car Wash” involved companies forming illegal cartels and operating kickback schemes to win inflated contracts with the semi-public Brazilian multinational oil company. Up to five percent of awarded contracts were thought to be paid out in bribes to corrupt politicians, their parties and Petrobras employees installed in key positions. Since taking office, Temer himself has been accused of corruption, leading many Brazilians to believe that power merely flows from the corrupt to the corrupt. The protestor’s sign reads: “I am tired of being a clown #outTemer.”

Diego Russo Juliano is a self-taught street photographer from Brazil. He launched the photography website CameraNeon in 2013 and co-leads the day2day Rio Photography Project using unconventional storytelling methods to capture facets of Rio de Janeiro.