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Pavla Holcová

Pavla Holcová, an acclaimed Czech investigative journalist, has made significant strides in revealing governmental corruption and crime. Her investigation into a colleague’s murder led to the exposure of the perpetrators, contributing to the downfall of Slovakia’s former government. For her impactful journalism, she received the 2021 Knight International Journalism Award. Holcová leads the Czech Center for Investigative Journalism, focusing on cross-border corruption and crime, and played a pivotal role in the investigation following Ján Kuciak’s murder, which led to major political upheavals in Slovakia.

Her career is marked by other notable investigations, including exposing the covert dealings of Macedonia’s former secret service chief, leading to his resignation and the government’s fall, earning her and her team the European Union’s Investigative Journalism Award. Holcová has also contributed to major international projects like the Panama Papers and delved into global issues like illegal arms sales and the cocaine trade. Her diverse experiences include undercover assignments and implementing media and human rights projects across Europe.