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Prize Laureates and their Inspiring Stories

Prize Laureates and their Inspiring Stories

2022 Allard Prize

“We as journalists understand that we need to join forces and finish all the stories started. Otherwise, if we give up, it would be risky for us because it would send the message that by killing off a journalist, you can kill the story uncovered”.

“Politicians, at the end of the day, should be made visible or exposed when they aren’t doing their job properly, when they are failing citizens, and especially when they have ties to criminal groups, as is often the case in Mexico.”

“Unfortunately, in many of these countries being a journalist is an inherently dangerous job. Collaborating can be a tool in helping reporters overcome censorship and overcome those dangers.”

"If there’s more impunity, our lives are going to continue to be in danger, so for me, it’s really a question of life and death as it was for my mother.”

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